Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New life, new hope, new JOY -- HE brings!!

Hey People!

I will admit, I am not one to get into Christmas music until about 5 days before actual Christmas...

However, this just popped up on the itunes shuffle

while I do a final edit to my seminar paper on ole' Atti being the lawyer/citizen-leader (since it's now being submitted to the school's "1L Legal Profession" course teacher on recommendation of my professor to maybe be used in the curriculum. Can we not just stick it in the archives so I can be done with it? Oh well, as long as they pay my publishing fees. Laugh!)

And I am jamming to my #1 fave Christmas song that's making me super j-o-y-ful

 and since y'all are most likely normal Christmas celebrating people, I had to share:

Oh the memories of dancing around to this song and decorating our sad little tree on the sorority hall with sweet Steph! 

(sisters knocking on our door:) "Um, what are y'all doing in here?"
"Ohhh um, (panting) just praising some JESUS!" 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Much love-

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  1. Wow! That's great about your seminar paper!! I'm so proud of you, but sorry that it requires a little more work on your part! Way to go!!