Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You are making all things new, Part 2.

If you haven't read Part 1, don't scroll down, go here. :)

So Tuesday, I made my way home to Rock City and enjoyed some great time with family and friends. It was wonderful! My parents told me that on Friday they wanted to have a small cookout at the house for my birthday, which is later in the month, since they probably wouldn't get to see me (yay finals).

Then SA, the cute boy on this blog, asked me if I would meet him in Clemson for the day on Friday to see each other and, also, to give me my birthday present. I was apprehensive at first, because I knew it would have to be a quick trip and I wanted to be able to help my mom with the cookout festivities. Yet, after thinking about it and reflecting on all the crazy trips I've made for that fella, why not?

After having traditional Friday morning breakfast with my dad, I left for God's country (again) and met up with my beau around 10am. He was looking caaa-yute, as always, and I was about to freeze in my cuffed jeans, rainbows, and Clemson tee. It had been raining, so my hair was in it's "Hey look it's been raining" mode. Let's just say, I wasn't as precious as he. Despite my questioning the night before, I had no idea what was planned for the morning except "something for my birthday." We headed to the Botanical Gardens.

The day started with a little picnic in a favorite spot of ours in the BG, where we enjoyed some CFA sweet tea (nectar of Heaven) and A gave me my birthday present, an empty mason jar and some colorful sheets of paper. He then explained the jar was an idea I told him about from Pinterest. Yes, the idea he claimed was really lame months prior, but that he had remembered and wanted to give it to me for my birthday, because he knew I would love such a present. I was super excited, and we started writing funny things on slips of paper and adding them to the jar. Sweet Tea and quality time with my man? I was lovin' it.

Please excuse my ugly big toe(s). I inherited them.

We then continued on, exploring Clemtown and writing down memories- folding them and plopping them into the jar. Some serious, the majority silly.

"Night of graduation 2010- skipping out on a bonefire (of which another boy had invited me) to sit with you in the Ridge and awkwardly talk about "liking each other" while watching the Discovery channel...before driving my roomies back home from downtown."

"All the time- Sharing prayer requests and what all Jesus is doing in our separate lives. Worshiping together in the same room. Sneakily holding hands in church."

"May 2011- Cruising it with the family. Fun adventures in Grand Cayman. MomPat!"

We ended up down at the rowing docks my fave++++ place in town, where it was still pretty cold, but the water was like glass and it was just as it always is...beautiful! We sat and chatted and were playing around, and I added to the jar:

Still dreary..and chilly!!

"July 2010- First "real relationship talk" on the clemson docks, where we decided to make it work despite the circumstances (ahem, law school.)"

After I slid my little memory into the jar, we sat talking and being our weird selves, and A said, "You know I really wanna marry you right?"

And of course, being the sweet, perfectly normal gal that I am, I replied, "Yea, but I don't wanna talk about it."

"You don't? Why not?"

"Well, I was just here a few days ago, and I'm really just trying to trust in Jesus and I just get stressed when I think about our future because well WHO KNOWS and I don't want to be controlling and I just want to trust and blah blah I'm so weird blah blah blah...Just, let's not talk about it and just enjoy the birthday ok?"


"Ok, we won't talk about it..."

After my ridiculous diatribe about trusting Jesus, we sat there in the quiet for awhile. It was kind of awkwardly quiet. Until A told me, "Ok, last slip of paper, I've got something for the jar." He wrote something on the paper, not letting me see, and attempted to put it in the bunch oh' memories. Of course, I interrupted "Um, excuse me sir! I am supposed to see/share time!" After a little wrestling, I had the folded up piece of paper, and read:

"6 April 2012- we got engaged in the same place we had our first relationship talk"


I looked up and there he was, on one knee, holding a very sparkly object between his thumb and index finger, (leaving no time for me to fire back with, don't you need to ask?) "Will you marry me?"

BOOM- sunny, warm...praise the Lord!

Apparently I said yes and we celebrated; calling our parents and laughing at me and me asking 153050 questions, of which included really deep, philosophical ones such as: "Is this real life?" "Did you mean to ask ME?" "Where was it (the rock) this whole time?" (in his boot. love him.) and my personal favorite..."Do I get to keep it?!?!?!?"

Then it was back to the RH, not to a "birthday cookout" but to a "Haaayyy Andrew just put a rang on it!" cookout!

To be continued...:)

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  1. AGHGH! LOVE IT! What a fun way to begin the day -- tea and good reading material. :)