Just some noms.

Pic from the trusty iphone.

Two weeks ago, I caught the stomach bug that seems to be running around my school. So fun. Not. For a few days, I lived on gatorade and crackers. I was better quickly (thank goodness), but did NOT feel like cooking or eating anything but carbs...ha. So this last week, I went a little cooking crazy, trying recipes I dreamed of while lying on my couch with my big G2 glacier freeze. Bless.

I made the above Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai for my study group. It was SO delicious! I used kale instead of bok choy and red pepper flakes instead of real pepper. I KNOW kale is not Asian, but liked it instead of bok choy since it was nice and crunchy. Healthy, filling, and just oh-so-yummy on a cold night.

Did you know you can make your own taco seasoning? Yummo.
This is nothing special, just a taco salad. But I loved making my own seasoning!

When Andrew was in town, I may have went a little overboard (shocker)...
I made this stuffed chop recipe along with PW's mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts (a now staple in my house).

Then, came this..

Homemade ice cream!! My second love language after quality time!
I used my wonderful kitchenaid and this recipe from brown-eyed baker.

...served over peach cobbler, of course.

Have y'all been cooking anything lately?


  1. This food looks MARVELOUS!! Sure it helped to "fatten" Andrew up after his weeks at SERE!! :)