From House to Home: Part One.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This past weekend, my husband (eek) and I did some work in our little home.

 It was so fun unpacking boxes together and getting things in place. We still have a lot to do, but are really happy with the progress. Here's a few peeks into our humble abode:

Happy Friday happy hour when A arrived home from work. 
Monogrammed cutting board and REAL wine glasses full of pinot noir. Starting to feel like real grownups.

...With a slap of reality while dining with red solo cups and paper plates. Bless it. All the Fiestaware was finishing up in the dishwasher. Isn't the kitchen just precious though?

The downstairs bath, while still struggling, got a new shower curtain, rug, and towels.

The dining many pretty things with no place to be displayed.

The living room is following a bachelor pad-with a girl that visits theme for now.  
Excited to get the couch, mirror, and table all moved in. The futon is getting new life as a screen porch swing.

Apron hanger in the kitchen! 

Open pantry challenge: accepted.
Baking, food prep, and snack shelves. Let's see how long this lasts before a curtain gets installed. :)

A dream Pottery Barn bed...sans the actual bed. 
A will be working on this soon, and don't you worry, those walls are getting painted. :)

And lastly, these beauts. If loving your new HE washer/dryer is wrong, I don't want to be right! 

More pictures to come as the walls become less bare and the details come together! 

Thanks for reading-



  1. I love your home already! And I'd be pretty excited about a new washer & dryer too. We have the Varno version of that picture on your mantel. Such a great wedding gift from Tim & Susan!