Monday Night Reflections.

Currently I am enjoying writing thank you notes to loved ones!

Currently needing some more stationary...ahem.

Currently wanting to be finished with law school. And some froyo. What's new.

Current Book is A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans

Currently drinking water with lemon (in my big ole tumbler). 

Current Excitement ...we are married!!

Current fashion trend I'm loving is bright colors and fun sandals. I love warm weather! 

Current Favorite Blog.. Steph's over at This Wonderful Life. This is where I got this from. :)

 Current Food obsession is anything cooked in my new pots and pans set. Glory.

Current Song I'm jamming to is Shine On by Florida-Georgia Line.

Current Indulgence will be something at Starbucks with my birthday reward. Hooray!

Currently Pondering which jobs to apply to (and re-apply) to for next year..and praying!

Current New Find is BlogLovin' since Google Reader is going away :(

Currently wearing jeans and a top from Loft with my Jacks (you're surprised, right?)

Current Weather is amazing- sunny and in the 70s. What I live for.

Current Peeve is when people don't do their part of the work. Grr.

Current Triumph is starting Barbri Amp in attempt to get a head start on the (eek) bar

Current TV Show is Revenge. Ahhhh ready for a new episode.

Currently Listening to Hillsong/Seabird/Allman/Mumford mix on Pandora. Oh yeeea.

Currently delaying getting rid of my old monogrammed shower curtain. I really should not be sad about this...

Currently planting an herb and veggies garden, well, at the end of this month. Yay!

Currently planning my project schedule for the rest of school and my summer study schedule. Oh how fun ;)

Currently feeling happy happy happy. God is so amazingly good.

Currently loving some Jesus, my man, my family, my sweet friends. 

Currently looking for a dress to wear for a wedding this weekend. Time to do some closet shopping!

Currently finding out that it's easier to find the better in people than not. 

Currently savoring some sleepytime tea.

Currently dreaming of our little house coming all together. We are so blessed!

Love y'all!

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  1. I love your list!! I do not envy you on the thank you note writing. I do not miss that at all! Try getting married and having a baby in the same year - I think I broke the thank you note record! Haha