Ten on Ten.

Today, on April 10th, I would like to list ten of the greatest aspects of honeymooning in the Dominican Republic:

1. Being in the Dominican Republic.

2. Being Married.

3. Eating whatever you want. 
Like Mexican food for breakfast. 
While not worrying about fitting into your dress.

4. Being Married.

5. Trying whatever drink you would like to try.
Like a Caribbean sunrise.
While not worrying about fitting into your dress.

6. Being Married.

7. Embracing the awkward solo shots (ahem, while eating whatever you want)
Because, well, there's no one really around to take your picture because it's just you two...

8. ...because you're on your honeymoon...because you're married.

9. Being in the Dominican Republic. Seriously, wow.

10. Being Married.

My point? 

Being married to your best friend is well, better than anything anyone could ever tell ya.

Oh, and the Dominican Republic is pretty great, too. 

Happy weeks-

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  1. what a fun set, and congratulations :)

  2. So fun! Happy ten on ten and happy honeymoon.

  3. Love these photos. They're so fun! Congratulations!

  4. Haha your post made me laugh! So jealous right now. We went to the Dominican for our Honeymoon too! It was amazing. Glad you are loving married life already!

  5. Congratulations! The locale looks absolutely beautiful.

  6. congrats - what an amazing place to be for a ten on ten!!! love the set :)

  7. I just LOVE this blog! (Wondering if I missed it before.) Can you believe it's been alomost a year since your beautiful wedding? We have been so blessed to have you as a Carlson for a year and look forward to SO MANNYYY more. Much love to you, sweet daughter. You are a blessing to me!!