Clean Eating Nachos.

We love us some Mexican food around these parts.

And I mean love. My affection for the salty, crunchy, fresh, summery tastes abounds.

However, it's not always in the budget to go out to Mex everyday (like in my dreams), nor is Mexi restaurant food the best for the bod (it will be in Heaven, I'm certain).

So what do you do when you're craving Mexican for the 51341374th time but you want to keep it frugal and keep it somewhat healthy?

You make your own! :) Here's some healthier nachos we made last night:

Start with some wholegrain wraps or tortillas. After preheating the oven to 400 degrees, use your pizza cutter to make small triangles out of the wraps.
Even if you want to buy regular flour tortillas, it's still better to make the chips this way anyways.

Place the triangles on a cookie sheet and spray with olive oil cooking spray and salt.
Bake for 5 minutes, flip the chips, and bake for 5 more minutes.
You want them to be a darker color. They make look burnt, but will be crispy.

In the meantime, cut up your toppings
We did lettuce, tomatoes, avocado (resist eating all of it before the chips are even baked), onions and...some kale. ;) For everything but the avocado, I used this handy gadget

When the chips are out of the oven, top with some protein and the rest of the goodness.
We used beans from our freezer stock. Also, some sour cream (you could use greek yogurt)



  1. Um, yum. I'd like this when I visit. Plus a large margarita in a mason jar!

  2. That looks yummy! I am totally with you -- I could Mexican food every day of the week. If there's not calorie-free queso in Heaven, then I don't wanna go! (I mean, I still do. But, you get my picture.)

  3. you're awesome and so are those herb scissors! i'm seriously getting a pair asap... i don't know why i didn't know they existed until now! love you and your awesome blog <3