Here's the exciting things that happened here this week:

My parents came back to MS with us after graduation and Saturday to move us "officially" in. We ate and laughed and ate and laughed some more. It was a wonderful time.

Speaking of moving in, we now have ALL of our FURNITURE! yeeeaaaa.
The cutest hand-me-down house on the block, if I say so myself.
More pics later, once I get the office a little more tidied up. :)

MUW makes for a great running path in the afternoons. We've had gorgeous weather here!

We have been blessed with wonderful next door neighbors, another young, married AF couple.
She and I walked to the local coffee shop a few days ago to enjoy some brew and their amazing sweet potato muffins. (pretty sure they're just cupcakes...yippee)

I then left there and walked to the YMCA for some morning Zumbaaaaa.
Really happy I joined a gym nearby. Plus, it smells just like the Y I learned to play basketball at when I was much smaller (an added perk).

A huge bug in the office while I'm home alone = screams followed by an obscene amount of killer spray. 
I thought of leaving him there for his friends to get the picture. Then I realized that was irrational. Then I thought about it again.
I just needed to share that. I feel better now.

We got letters from our Children of Hope today. Happy happy hearts.

We also had dinner last night with the family that introduced us to Children of Hope. They were hosting family night at their home, with their children and grandson. We ate SO much. Pot roast, rice, homemade creamed corn, squash casserole (with ritz on top, amen.), sliced garden tomatoes, blackeyed peas, sweet tea...and lemon icebox pie. GLORY. We are so blessed with their love and hospitality! And still feeling full today!

Andrew had the day off today, so we went ahead and ran our errands.
Here's my manly man, changing the oil in my truck. mhmmm.

Then we came home and enjoyed our books in our new sitting space. 
I am just loving that summer is here. :)

Hope you all are doing well!

Ps- We saw The Great Gatsby Tuesday night. So good! Have been listening to the soundtrack on my runs:


  1. This makes me want to hop in the car and come spend the week with you!!! SO fun. Love love love watching your life unfold! XOXO

  2. I love the Mr. & Mrs. pillows! That's great that you have good neighbors! I wish we had neighbors around our age and stage in life.