Throwback Thursday: America!

On Instagram, the hashtag #tbt can be found on a lot of posts, indicating "Throwback Thursday".

With Memorial Day coming up, I decided to post these "throwback" pictures of my beau and myself in our younger years. 

Clearly, our proud American roots run way back. (as well as out of control hair and weird hand gestures. well, for one of us. ahem.)

Let's all remember to take some time amidst our relaxing, fun weekend to give thanks for those who gave their lives for our freedoms! And to thank those currently serving, too.

We couldn't parade our bowed sweatshirts proudly without 'em!


  1. You are such cuties!! Were you snappin' your fingers at the photographer to hurry up and finish the session? Thank you for this wonderful reminder, and THANK YOU and your guy for your sacrificial service!!