Soakin' it up.

Happy Friday, everyone!

It's been busy week around here with a lot of work.

Five straight days of flying, cool. Five straight days of studying, not so cool.

Here's a few of the more fun and random glimpses of our week.

I should start a book "My Life with Mason Jars". 
Chapter 3: Sweet tea lemonades on the back porch.

"My life with a man. Chapter 3: Box jumps on the kitchen counter."
I took a picture in praise of my man's athletic abilities. Then I busted out the lysol wipes,

We visited the Columbus Farmer's Market.
Fresh produce, canned goods...heaven.

Speaking of fresh produce, I'm thankful for my after-church farmer.
He also scooped up the dead mouse on our porch. God love em.

"You know what ELSE everybody likes? Parfaits! Have you ever met a person, you say, 'Let's go get some parfait,' they say, 'Hell no I don't like no parfait!'? Parfaits are delicious!"
Name that movie.
Yogurt, flax, dark chocolate, oats, berries...nom nom.

Oh, and then there's even more backyard creatures.

Loving our days in the sun! Hope y'all have wonderful weekends.


  1. 1) BEAUTIFUL photography (of the sweet tea lemonaide...)
    2) I can NOT believe Andrew can jump that high (and you'd think his mother would have taught him better than that!)
    3) I may NOT be coming to visit you afterall now that I see that frog. I'm afraid I'd find one in between my bedsheets. (My boys have a history of putting them in my sleeping bag....) oh dear!!
    4) Lovely post.....thank you, lovely daughter!!