That dweam, within a dweam.

This week, I have been following a marriage blog series by the pastor at the church we attend here in town. 

I have really enjoyed reading the posts for a number of reasons. Mainly because: 1. They are in list mode (one of my love languages. jk. kinda) and 2. While short and simple, they impart a lot of Biblical truths and wisdom to a young married gal like myself. I need all the help I can get. :)

The posts are (links):


I especially loved #2 on today's list. There is something about being fully known. FULLY known, people.  ALL the flaws and insecurities and strange habits, from the past or present, even future. Yet still fully chosen and fully loved. There is something in that, in marriage, that paints such a beautiful picture of Christ in our lives. He knows us, yet he loves us. He knows us AND he loves us.

It is quite an overwhelming feeling. To be loved, fully. I think it goes against the grain of a lot of us type-As. It even makes us me a little uncomfortable. Especially at the end of long weeks. Long weeks where you're working away and it's getting hard and you're wearing thin. Where you just can't help but feel weighed down with those flaws and insecurities and strange habits of yours.

Then your husband walks in from work early and you're makeup-less. At your desk. Still in workout clothes. Your hair air-dried and pulled into a messy bun (for the fifth time that week, ahem). 

The world screams HOT MESS! The world says A-game or nothing. The world says more gratification, less commitment.  More shiny, less frizzy. You're thinking, "I can't really be loved at this moment. Just leave me to my work. Or let me get a little fixed up first." Yet, marriage, a marriage that loves from somewhere and someone else much bigger, it says, "I chose you. I choose you."

Then it says, "Get in the car, it's free doughnut day, and we're taking a study break!"

Thank God for marriage. Thank God for his love. Thank God for his orchestration of two very different, yet so very similar (and weird) lives. 

Thank God for Krispy Kreme.

Have happy weekends everyone!

I hope that WOVE..TWUE WOVE will follow you FO-EVAH!!!

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