Tomato Pie & Other Delights.

Pie plate: Belk, Oven mit: Anthro, Photo: Mine (bless)

Now that summer foods are coming in, here's what's been cooking in our house, with links:

My favorite Tomato Pie recipe with corn and baked zucchini "fries"

Bubble up pizza with tomatoes and fresh basil. New recipe. We loved it!

I'll be making this mediterranean chickpea salad for lunches next week. Excited!

I found some other great recipes using fresh tomatoes that I want to try here soon. Here's a little list for y'all:

Fresh Guacamole and Salsa

*If you're here from pinterest, welcome! Check out my other recipes here.*

Easy and fresh Cornbread Salad

Hooray tomatoes! Hooray summer!!

What have y'all been cooking?


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