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Nine Things.

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Needed the laugh.

Hi, friends! There are 12 days until the bar exam. 

Here are some thoughts I have on this Thursday:

1. asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;@%^$*!!!

2. A friend of mine sent me this article about people renting vacation homes to study for the bar exam. I told her she was welcome to come stay at my MS cottage. We offer tropics-style heat and a pool in the backyard from copious amounts of rainfall. We also have a really good looking lawn guy.

3. Speaking of rainfall, my squash and zucchini plants are now dead. 
The tomatoes are holding on for dear life. 
Has that ever even happened to anyone in the history of "no one could kill them" gardening??

4. Speaking of my squash and zucchini dying, I am thinking of writing a post entirely themed around "Reasons Lizanne is Crying." My inspiration comes from this wonderful blog, "Reasons My Son is Crying" HYSTERICAL.

5. Some thoughts I've had for "RLIC", thus far:
-The squash and zucchini drowned 
-The eco-friendly dryer sheets have no smell
-Commercial Paper
-There are people doing normal summer activities
-A bird flew into the back door (again) and died
-The rule against perpetuities
-Any issue in property
-All her nike shorts were dirty (because those totally qualify as "getting dressed)
-She burnt the biscuits 
-Her newly-needed mouthguard protects her teeth 
-She accidentally slept for 8 hours
-Her legs are pale

6.  Seriously, the random (albeit short, thank goodness) crying is a strange feeling for a normally non-cryer. I feel for the pregnant gals out there (Please note: I feel FOR pregnant gals. I do not feel pregnant. Baby is a 4-letter word in this house. Please see blog link in #4) 

7. Is Kate going to have her baby already?!?! 

8. SO THANKFUL for Hillsong's "Glorious Ruins" and my sweet Lauren for sending to me (She lives in Australia and GOES to Hillsong. She's totally cool.) I needed the perspective during times of self-wallowing.

Let the ruins come to life, in the beauty of your name.
Rising up from the ashes, God forever you reign
And my soul will find refuge, in the shadow of your wings
I will love you forever, and forever I'll sing
When the world caves in, still my hope will cling to your promise

9. 12 days, 12 days, 12 days let's do thiiiiiiiisssss. Back to work!

Thanks so much for reading and for the love and support, y'all. 

Thanks, too, for allowing me to be honest and to share some laughs about myself during this un-explainable-y (not a real word. sorry) crazy and stressful season of bar prep. 

I am confident in the strength of my savior even in my (obvious) weakness!

Love ya, mean it.

Stepping Out.

"The moment has come when you must jump from your perch of distrust, leaving the nest of supposed safety behind and trusting the wings of faith. You must be like a young bird beginning to test the air with its untried wings. At first you may feel as though you will fall to the earth. The fledgling may feel the same way, but does not fall, for its wings provide support. Yet even if its wings do fail, one of its parents will sweep under it, rescuing it on its strong wings.

God will rescue you in the same way. Simply trust Him, for His "right hand sustains" (Psalm 18:35). Do you find yourself asking, "But am I to step out onto nothing?" That is exactly what the bird is seemingly asked to do, yet we know that the air is there and that the air is not nearly as insubstantial as it seems. And you know that the promises of God are there, and they certainly are not insubstantial at all. 
If He has given you His word- His sure word of promise- do not question it, but trust it absolutely. You have His promise, and in fact you have even more- you have Him who confidently speaks the words. "Yes, I tell you" (Luke 12:5) Trust Him!"

JB Figgis via Streams in the Desert

A Few Glimpses.

July is already flying by us. pun intended.

I'm not too sure how I feel about it.

Part of me is sad that my favorite season is slipping away while I'm trapped inside our office (at least an air conditioned office. Thank ya Lord). I feel like I've missed a lot of the sunshine. SAD.

Another part of me is terrified that July is passing and that in three weeks I will be taking the biggest and scariest test of my life. SO SCARY.

Then, part of me is rooting August on- get here already, ya month of freedom! Oh, August, a light at the end of this tunnel.  A tunnel of restless nights paired with emotional and physical stress. August. HAPPY.

Along with my clearly dancing all over the emotional grid, we have been managing to have some fun over in these parts. We were talking over dinner last night about how marriage is SO fun.

Yes, even when the wife is putting that "for worse" to the test so quickly! Just kidding. Kinda. 
Yayyyy bar prep. :)

Here's a few glimpses of life for us lately...

SO. MUCH. RAIN. No complaints here though.

"I was going to fix my hair, but then I saw it was raining. 
Ok, you're right, no I wasn't."

I made up a random clean-out-the-fridge salsa with peaches, peppers, and fresh basil. 
It was delicious with some blackened pork chops.
Those potatoes though....those potatoes are instant. The struggle is real.
(Another reason for August. More time for cooking real potatoes)

Some friends came over for the Fourth which provided a great two hours of social activity for me.
Even though I felt guilty the whole time I wasn't working.
One friend had time to make these adorable cupcakes. SO cute. 
Then everyone went out to shoot fireworks and I came back in to finish a criminal law workshop.
August, people.

So many little glimpses of happiness despite a stressful, and fleeting, July.

Love y'all a lot-


"What then shall we say in response to these things? 
If God is for us, who can be against us?
In ALL things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."
Romans 8:31

Contest: A Picture is Worth $1,000.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

*This is a sponsored post, y'all. Opinions are my own, though.

I recently joined the Military Spouse Bloggers Network at Military Spouse Magazine. I am really excited to be working with them! Recently, MSM has partnered with Wahl Home Products in a giveaway contest for military families. The contest is called, "A Picture is Worth $1,000." This contest is to recognize men and women everywhere who run a household while their spouse is serving our country.

Military spouses! Capture a special moment with their partner or family and submit it to the contest page. You can submit up to three photos.

Entries will automatically be entered to win $1,000 courtesy of Wahl Home Products and the winner will be featured in the September issue of Military Spouse Magazine! Woohoo!

The official contest page.


I submitted the above photo to the contest. When I was first approached to help with this campaign, I was a little unsure of my life and my little ole blog fitting the bill. After all, we are pretty new to this marriage thing and ALSO pretty new to this life with a military aspect!

It's been such an adventure so far though, and we have met so many fun and interesting people. Never in a million years would I have thought I would marry someone serving in our military. Yet, here I am! In no way does the military define our lives, yet it is an important part of our lives. While I think it is crucial for couples and families to make that distinction, it's also best to appreciate your spouse daily and take advantage of the assignment you have been given. Together.

The picture above represents new beginnings and the adventures ahead. It was a really fun day celebrating Andrew putting on his wings and joining among the ranks of the world's best air force. Sure, we don't know what's next, but it's been a lot of fun taking in all of the now!


If you are currently a spouse married to someone in the military, or if you know of someone, you should pass along this contest! You can visit the official contest page using the above link or this link. Check out Military Spouses Magazine Facebook page for other deals and info.

You can also learn more about Wahl Home Products by visiting their website and their Facebook page here. Wahl home products has been the home grooming industry leader since 1919. Wahl also provides the best products for professionals. For those of you who cut your own hair (like the man in our house), they're definitely a company worth taking a look! They can be found easily at Walmart or Walgreens, or in their online store.


Have a wonderful July 4th, y'all! And a big thank you to those serving our country!

Practice such things.

"Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about such things. What you have learned and received and seen in me (Jesus), practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you." Philippians 4:8-9

I've always loved Philippians 4 for the "do not be anxious" verses. What great words for a gal like me to have at her disposal. This morning though, I was reading over verse 8 over and over. Then to verse 9. Not only does Christ ask us to think on such things, he asks us to practice them. 

Eek, the hard part! Practice! For me, it helps to make lists (of course.) I wrote down what to think on, and then something practicable to go with it. For example,

Practice thinking on whatever is lovely:
Praying for and thanking the women in my life who are role models for loving Jesus.

Practice thinking on whatever is commendable:
Verbalizing to my husband that I appreciate his love for me and his diligence and leadership for our family.

Practice thinking on anything worth praise:
Praising a God who saves us and loves us A God that is sovereign over every detail of our sometimes chaotic lives. A God who is present and available to us even though we are so undeserving.

Yes, think on such things. But also, put that thinking into practice. Get on it!

Have a wonderful day my friends! I'm thankful for you!

Pic via Pinterest