A Few Glimpses.

July is already flying by us. ...no pun intended.

I'm not too sure how I feel about it.

Part of me is sad that my favorite season is slipping away while I'm trapped inside our office (at least an air conditioned office. Thank ya Lord). I feel like I've missed a lot of the sunshine. SAD.

Another part of me is terrified that July is passing and that in three weeks I will be taking the biggest and scariest test of my life. SO SCARY.

Then, part of me is rooting August on- get here already, ya month of freedom! Oh, August, a light at the end of this tunnel.  A tunnel of restless nights paired with emotional and physical stress. August. HAPPY.

Along with my clearly dancing all over the emotional grid, we have been managing to have some fun over in these parts. We were talking over dinner last night about how marriage is SO fun.

Yes, even when the wife is putting that "for worse" to the test so quickly! Just kidding. Kinda. 
Yayyyy bar prep. :)

Here's a few glimpses of life for us lately...

SO. MUCH. RAIN. No complaints here though.

"I was going to fix my hair, but then I saw it was raining. 
Ok, you're right, no I wasn't."

I made up a random clean-out-the-fridge salsa with peaches, peppers, and fresh basil. 
It was delicious with some blackened pork chops.
Those potatoes though....those potatoes are instant. The struggle is real.
(Another reason for August. More time for cooking things...like real potatoes)

Some friends came over for the Fourth which provided a great two hours of social activity for me.
Even though I felt guilty the whole time I wasn't working.
One friend had time to make these adorable cupcakes. SO cute. 
Then everyone went out to shoot fireworks and I came back in to finish a criminal law workshop.
August, people.

So many little glimpses of happiness despite a stressful, and fleeting, July.

Love y'all a lot-


  1. I love all your little glimpses! You're always making such good dinners! I need to step up my game. And I agree - marriage is SO fun!!