Contest: A Picture is Worth $1,000.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

*This is a sponsored post, y'all. Opinions are my own, though.

I recently joined the Military Spouse Bloggers Network at Military Spouse Magazine. I am really excited to be working with them! Recently, MSM has partnered with Wahl Home Products in a giveaway contest for military families. The contest is called, "A Picture is Worth $1,000." This contest is to recognize men and women everywhere who run a household while their spouse is serving our country.

Military spouses! Capture a special moment with their partner or family and submit it to the contest page. You can submit up to three photos.

Entries will automatically be entered to win $1,000 courtesy of Wahl Home Products and the winner will be featured in the September issue of Military Spouse Magazine! Woohoo!

The official contest page.


I submitted the above photo to the contest. When I was first approached to help with this campaign, I was a little unsure of my life and my little ole blog fitting the bill. After all, we are pretty new to this marriage thing and ALSO pretty new to this life with a military aspect!

It's been such an adventure so far though, and we have met so many fun and interesting people. Never in a million years would I have thought I would marry someone serving in our military. Yet, here I am! In no way does the military define our lives, yet it is an important part of our lives. While I think it is crucial for couples and families to make that distinction, it's also best to appreciate your spouse daily and take advantage of the assignment you have been given. Together.

The picture above represents new beginnings and the adventures ahead. It was a really fun day celebrating Andrew putting on his wings and joining among the ranks of the world's best air force. Sure, we don't know what's next, but it's been a lot of fun taking in all of the now!


If you are currently a spouse married to someone in the military, or if you know of someone, you should pass along this contest! You can visit the official contest page using the above link or this link. Check out Military Spouses Magazine Facebook page for other deals and info.

You can also learn more about Wahl Home Products by visiting their website and their Facebook page here. Wahl home products has been the home grooming industry leader since 1919. Wahl also provides the best products for professionals. For those of you who cut your own hair (like the man in our house), they're definitely a company worth taking a look! They can be found easily at Walmart or Walgreens, or in their online store.


Have a wonderful July 4th, y'all! And a big thank you to those serving our country!


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