Nine Things.

*From the archives. 
Needed the laugh.

Hi, friends! There are 12 days until the bar exam. 

Here are some thoughts I have on this Thursday:

1. asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;@%^$*!!!

2. A friend of mine sent me this article about people renting vacation homes to study for the bar exam. I told her she was welcome to come stay at my MS cottage. We offer tropics-style heat and a pool in the backyard from copious amounts of rainfall. We also have a really good looking lawn guy.

3. Speaking of rainfall, my squash and zucchini plants are now dead. 
The tomatoes are holding on for dear life. 
Has that ever even happened to anyone in the history of "no one could kill them" gardening??

4. Speaking of my squash and zucchini dying, I am thinking of writing a post entirely themed around "Reasons Lizanne is Crying." My inspiration comes from this wonderful blog, "Reasons My Son is Crying" HYSTERICAL.

5. Some thoughts I've had for "RLIC", thus far:
-The squash and zucchini drowned 
-The eco-friendly dryer sheets have no smell
-Commercial Paper
-There are people doing normal summer activities
-A bird flew into the back door (again) and died
-The rule against perpetuities
-Any issue in property
-All her nike shorts were dirty (because those totally qualify as "getting dressed)
-She burnt the biscuits 
-Her newly-needed mouthguard protects her teeth 
-She accidentally slept for 8 hours
-Her legs are pale

6.  Seriously, the random (albeit short, thank goodness) crying is a strange feeling for a normally non-cryer. I feel for the pregnant gals out there (Please note: I feel FOR pregnant gals. I do not feel pregnant. Baby is a 4-letter word in this house. Please see blog link in #4) 

7. Is Kate going to have her baby already?!?! 

8. SO THANKFUL for Hillsong's "Glorious Ruins" and my sweet Lauren for sending to me (She lives in Australia and GOES to Hillsong. She's totally cool.) I needed the perspective during times of self-wallowing.

Let the ruins come to life, in the beauty of your name.
Rising up from the ashes, God forever you reign
And my soul will find refuge, in the shadow of your wings
I will love you forever, and forever I'll sing
When the world caves in, still my hope will cling to your promise

9. 12 days, 12 days, 12 days let's do thiiiiiiiisssss. Back to work!

Thanks so much for reading and for the love and support, y'all. 

Thanks, too, for allowing me to be honest and to share some laughs about myself during this un-explainable-y (not a real word. sorry) crazy and stressful season of bar prep. 

I am confident in the strength of my savior even in my (obvious) weakness!

Love ya, mean it.


  1. I feel for ya, girl! Hang in there, you're going to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders in a few weeks.

  2. Love the are a doll!! Love the post, too.(I'd like to come visit your cottage and see that cute yard boy of yours! ;)
    Truly, I just want to say how I admire you for your diligence in how you've studied for this exam. May God bless and honor you for your hard work w/ a passing grade. You KNOW you have our love and prayers!!