Stepping Out.

"The moment has come when you must jump from your perch of distrust, leaving the nest of supposed safety behind and trusting the wings of faith. You must be like a young bird beginning to test the air with its untried wings. At first you may feel as though you will fall to the earth. The fledgling may feel the same way, but does not fall, for its wings provide support. Yet even if its wings do fail, one of its parents will sweep under it, rescuing it on its strong wings.

God will rescue you in the same way. Simply trust Him, for His "right hand sustains" (Psalm 18:35). Do you find yourself asking, "But am I to step out onto nothing?" That is exactly what the bird is seemingly asked to do, yet we know that the air is there and that the air is not nearly as insubstantial as it seems. And you know that the promises of God are there, and they certainly are not insubstantial at all. 
If He has given you His word- His sure word of promise- do not question it, but trust it absolutely. You have His promise, and in fact you have even more- you have Him who confidently speaks the words. "Yes, I tell you" (Luke 12:5) Trust Him!"

JB Figgis via Streams in the Desert


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