Catch Up.

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Sorry for my absence this past week. AC and I took a vacation to the Carolinas to see our family. 
We had a really great time! Here are some highlights:

First stop: Asheville! Beautiful weather and lots of fun spent outside.

Second stop: Rock Hill! My parents threw a cookout for all the fam and my hometown friends. Great food and great people.

Third stop: Lake Wateree! My sister and her family bought a beautiful house on the lake. We had a great time being Uncle Anj and Aunt Lizanne.

And it's always nice to spend quality time with my amazing sis.

I stayed in RH a few days more while Andrew came back home to work (wop wop). It was wonderful to spend more time with my folks, shopping with my niece and mom and drinking Starbucks...

oh, and I donated 12 inches of my hair!

Now it's life back in C-town. I have a job interview today and other things to get in order before we hit the road again this weekend. Clemson season opener wahooooo!

Thankful for road trips and family!


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