Somewhere Down In Texas.

Hey y'all!

What a fun week this has been so far. For one, I got to revisit Texas; and two, I got to spend some much-needed time with a great friend!

 The opportunity arose to sneak in some time with Lauren while she was home from her PhD studies in Aussie. A cheap plane ticket and a few hours later, we were together doing all of our favorite things. Here are some highlights:

Lauren and her fam are from The Woodlands. Wow, what a beautiful place. Every morning we would take a fun stroll through the neighborhoods trails. The first morning...the trails took us to STARBUCKS! Reminder: I now live where there isn't a Starbucks! Great friend Starbucks time! 

Mall security under big Texas skies.

Lunch at Tiny Boxwoods!

Avocado Salad and PESTO-gouda grilled cheese. Heaven.

Another morning stroll followed by Brooklyn Bagels! Yum!

Tanning and reading.

Snacky lunches are sometimes the best lunches (after lunches at Tiny Boxwoods, Lawd.)

Happy hour together!!

Amaaaaazing and MUCH (I mean MUCH) needed pedi!

And for the grand finale, dinner with a group of awesome gals at Tex-Mex!
  Chuy's, you have my heart!!

Until next time, Houston! 

And LSS, you're the best and miss you already!



  1. SOOOO glad you had a fun deserved it!! Can't wait to see you SOOOON!!