Thank You.

Hey everyone!

Welp, y'all, the bar exam is over. 

I woke up this morning in a fog. I had slept for 11 hours. Where am I? Where are my notecards that were on the nightstand? What fresh hell will the interactive paced program hold for me today?

Oh yes, the notecards are in the trash recycling. The Barbri bookmark has been deleted.


Thank y'all so much for your love, patience, and prayer the last two (and some change) months. They really lifted my spirits during a really hard time of stress and self-doubt. 

I thank God for such a great group of support through family, friends, blog readers (bless you. these last weeks have been struggle city as far as that goes), and an incredible husband. I thank Him for the timely encouragement He brought me through all of you!

"Box of Sunshine" from my awesome neighbors. So thoughtful!!

SO much snail mail. Y'all know my heart so well and what does it such good.
LTB, I cannot WAIT to read my mags and do my nails and use the other package goodies. ;)



  1. Whoopee!! Pap would say!! SO, SO glad the bar is behind you!! Now, go out and enjoy yourself a bit.....get craaaazzyy!! (this is from Mama)