Business Casual.

Happy Labor Day! 
I hope y'all got to enjoy an extra day to your weekend and were able to spend some time with family and friends!

So, I start my "big girl" job tomorrow and of course it took me forever to pick out that "first day outfit." Then I made a list of all the outfits I will wear for the week. husband didn't really understand this.

For me, it's better to plan than to be running around in the morning. I wouldn't have to make such a list if I wore the same thing, say a flight suit and boots, to work every day. ;)

Anyways! It got me thinking, how do gals dress for the office in this daggum heat?! It's after labor day and you're in a professional setting, so things are limited. Yet, IT IS HOT. I've come up with a few ideas to work with these next weeks. What do y'all think? Any tips?

Blousy tops.

Some warm-weather tops too, just add a cardigan when in office.
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Ankle pants.


Lightweight chinos. (in something other than white)



  1. Wellllll, I haven't found a professional job yet (woohoo, funemployment!) so I don't have this problem right now. But, I love the blousy tops. I think I saw an entire closet full of blouses on one of those InStyle Magazine closet peeks or something - you know, where they go photograph a celeb's closet? There was one that was nothing but beautiful blouses and I thought it was so chick with a good pencil skirt or clean slacks. My fave! Enjoy your first week!!