Ten on Ten.

Ten on Ten is a blog project where you highlight ten things on the tenth of the month. The purpose is to find beauty and fun in even the seemingly mundaneness of life. Here's ours...

1. Here I am at work. 
We gots lots of files. Files on files. I like it.
So thankful for employment. SO thankful.

2. Here's my husband.
He's about to land in the river after letting go of the rope swing.
He's brave and fun like that.

3. Here I am.
Forever a type 6, I'm dangling above the water considering every bad thing that could happen (a sudden shallow spot, sticks, bricks, a family of water moccasins, etc) while trying to prove I can be brave and fun.
Yes, I let go. And yes, we had a great time soaking up the last official days of summer.

4. Here's all my favorite law gals.
We were at a wedding and had so much fun making a reunion out of it!
I miss 'em already. Could not have made it through those years without their love and laughs. (and wine).

5. Here's my date.
Love 'em more'n my luggage! (Please tell me you love Steel Magnolias, too?)
Going to a wedding with your man really helps you appreciate him more and treasure the gift you've been given. Would any other marrieds say the same?

6. Here's some fun people from Andrew's work.
We had a great time getting together and eating all the amazing food the hosts provided!

7. Here's the delicious pizza we concocted last night.
We used up the rest of the garden. RIP.

8. Here's the sunset over our little town.
I like it here, a lot. So grateful for God's plans and provision.

9. Love ya.

10. Mean it.


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  1. loved all the pictures! Great picture of you and A....and I LOVE your hair. Miss you!!

  2. Wow, you are brave to jump in the river...is there really the possibility of water moccasins? yikes.