Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

It's the perfect day for it here. Overcast with lots of leaves falling! I just love this fall weather.

I also love me some Hocus Pocus. It's really the only Halloween tradition I hold. 

We already did trunk n treat this weekend, and I doubt will get any little goblins on our street due to a big storm rolling in, so tonight we will be relaxing at home. I'm already looking forward to being in my yoga pants, drinking some hot tea, and resting with my man and ole Scout! Maybe they will let us have movie night? :)

Oh, and we have some smore supplies left over from a bonfire we need to use up, so I am going to make these bars I found on pinterest. Yum, fall!

I hope those of you celebrating have a great time! Eat some reese's for me! 

Fall Memories.

Thursday night date with free tickets to our third SEC stadium tour stop thanks to boss.

More cowbell. And sweater weather!

Gals night in. Hocus Pocus style.

Fighting turning on the heat with America and snuggles.

Beautiful night to support our favorite 10 year old soccer star.

Lots and lots of porch time. Including time on our newly-added/upcycled swinging futon.

Lots of park time, too. Our nugget is already getting so big. She is the best little buddy!

Trunk n Treat at church. Where we hosted a football toss 
....and I squeezed into a high school cheerleading uniform.

Happy Fall, y'all. Happy trails to you!

Puppy in a Pumpkin Patch.

Happy Fall, Friends!

Tuesday after work, I took our dear ole' Scout to the local pumpkin patch. I had dreams of a picture of my girl, all cute and fluffy and precious, in the middle of a sea of pumpkins and hay and leaves.

After all, the air was crisp and it was (finally) that "perfect fall day" for such a picture.

Annnnnnnd the best pic I got was the one y'all see up there.

Scout, how I love you. I love that you're hyper and funny and playful. I love how you took my seemingly perfect little plan and said, "Yea, how about let's just play with everyone and chew on everything in sight instead!" I like this picture the best. :)

Tuesday Reminder.

Here's a Tuesday reminder from a few years ago. 

Still need it today!

Love ya, friends.

Jean Louise.

On Sunday afternoon, a little stray puppy showed up on our street.

She was scared and filthy and pitiful.

We fed her and gave her a much-needed flea bath, followed by some much-needed lovin'.
 Poor girl was infested and bleeding from bites. And still very scared.

We snuggled her in a towel and she began to open up a little.
She slept through the night and we decided to call the animal shelter in the morning.

I even posted her sweet picture on a community Facebook page, looking to see if anyone would want to adopt her. She was really starting to feel (and smell) much better. She was becoming quite cheerful, too!

However, no one responded online and we learned that the shelter can only keep puppies for so long due to overcrowding. This made us SAD and we continued to pray for what to do with this little gift.

Still with us the next day, she took a trip with Andrew to go fishing since he had the holiday off work.
I think this was where she REALLY started working her magic. ;)

Verrrry quickly, she started making herself at home and filling up our hearts!

I mean, y'all, that face. Those snuggles. That sweetness. 
After much deliberation (we had said no pup for at least a year. oops.), we decided to keep her!

We named her Jean Louise..but will be calling her Scout! 
I really think she is going to live up to her namesake

She was a champ at the vet. Everyone loved her sweet nature and beautiful fur.
She survived her first round of shots and got treated for worms. 
She even got her nails did!! (she needed that mani. ouchie)
The vet was so wonderful, and told us she was most likely a lab mix that will grow to medium-large size. She also ruled out any chow, which we had previously guessed, due to her pink gums. 

Can y'all imagine me ( 1. first time puppy-owner 2. cautious perfectionist 3.chronic list maker 4. anxious need-to-know-ALL-the-info) at that consultation? Bless em. Good thing I had a cute pup with me. ;)

Oh, and she's killing it at crate training already.

I like to sneak her out (a lot) for playtime followed by snuggles and neck nuzzles.
 She's SO good at them! It's as if she sees your stress then absorbs it all in that red fro.

Told ya. Stress gone. Happiness abounds.

So, Miss Scout, it's a joy to give you a forever home.
I'm so happy God gave you to us for rescue; we have been so blessed by you already!

I'm excited to chronicle our adventures with her! I've never had a pet..EVER! So this is definitely one of those times I am thanking God for giving me a forever partner in Andrew. He is the calm to my worried, the playful to my cautious. Oh, and he got up at 1am last night to get her unstuck from the doggy door. ;) Love that man! And love y'all!

"A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals." Proverbs 12:10

I have decided.

Encouragement for today!
And just a beautiful piece from Elevation Worship.

Ten on Ten: October.

This is just a LITTLE late...;)

Ten on Ten- finding beauty in the mundane of life!

Weeknight relaxation. Watching the sunset from Betty's tailgate at the lock and dam.

Out and Back to Indiana for work. Made for a special trip for A to see his Papaw!

Thirty-One days of spending less. Means pantry cleanout for yummy dinners.

Sixty-degree mornings. Jogs around the neighborhood.

Happiness in print.

Family night. With the littlest and cutest attender.

Fall organizing. Means closets clean-out.
Not pictured: cut-offs and poinsettia turtleneck. (that were modeled. by my husband)

Exploring. More water views. So blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Ok, so I only have eight pictures so far. I feel like this is becoming a trend. Forgive me.

Despite the in and outs of work, eat, clean, rest, we are so blessed by such a beautiful life! Even in the seemingly mundane. I have come that they may have LIFE and life to the FULL.


Do not be anxious.

From Streams in the Desert yesterday morning.

So perfect. So convicting. So encouraging. So had to share:

"Quite a few Christians live in a terrible state of anxiety, constantly fretting over the concerns of life. The secret of living in perfect peace amid the hectic pace of life is one well worth knowing. 

What good has worrying ever accomplished? It has never made anyone stronger, helped anyone do God's will, or provided for anyone a way of escape out of their anxiety or confusion.

Worry only destroys the effectiveness of lives that would otherwise be useful and beautiful. Being restless and having worries and cares are absolutely forbidden by our Lord, who said, "So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' (Matthew 6:31).

 He does not mean that we are not to think ahead or that life should never have a plan or a pattern to it. He simply means that we are not to worry about these things...

Oh, for the grace to be silent! Oh, to "be still and know that Jehovah is God (Ps. 46:10)!" The Holy One of Israel will defend and deliver his own."! We can be sure that His every word will stand forever, even though the mountains may fall to the sea. He deserves our total confidence

So come, my soul, return to your place of peace, and rest within the sweet embrace of the Lord Jesus."


This, y'all. What a perfect reminder for my restless heart. A perfect reminder that Jesus is bigger. Bigger than blank, blank, and blank. Bigger than my worries. Bigger than our hard days. Like Philippians 4 says, do NOT be anxious. Give it to Him. Petition to Him. Cry out to Him. Then let it go.

Praying for you as I try to do the same.

Rammer Jammer.

This past Saturday, we went to our first Alabama football game!

Andrew and I have said while we are living in the 'Sip that we want to tour as many of the SEC college campuses as we can. Last summer, we visited Ole Miss, and we have been to Alabama's campus a few times after Saturday trips to Target. ;) 

However, we haven't been to any of the football games, so we were excited when an opportunity came to hang out with law school friends who are tide fans. It was especially special since it was Alabama's homecoming weekend. We had a great time!

We tailgated.

We got to see some small group buddies who stopped by.

We went to the homecoming parade.
I got a great reaction from some AXO sisters 7 years my junior. :)
What fun-loving youngsters. 

We walked around sorority row.
All of the sororities had huge lawn decorations for homecoming.
I creeped on the cute AXOs again!

We did some more walking around campus, stopping by Gallette's for a yellow hammer and then seeing other landmarks, such as Rama Jamas. 

Then we ventured into the stadium. Holy moly! It was huge.
It was a beautiful day for some football.

Note: We are wearing CRIMSON not GARNET (ewww)
We still love our Tigers more than ever! Just taking advantage of being locals! :)

Happy Monday, y'all!

Some Slow Cooker Recipes.

Hi, everyone!

The last few days, it's actually (finally) started feeling like fall around our house! I made a big batch of pumpkin muffins, we had our neighbors over for a bonfire, and I've started on some new cooler weather meals in the slow cooker. A crockpot recipe is a working gal's best friend.

My fine food photography. Feel FREE to steal. har har ;)

All of these recipes are easy and delicious, so I of course wanted to share with y'all:

Southern Plate's "Free Soup" with cornbread muffins. I love all of her recipes, and this was perfect for meatless Monday. I loved how many healthy vegetables were in it! It made plenty for some lunches, too.

Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper pork. Adore PW, as always. I used a smaller pork roast.We had this with taco fixin's.

This easy crockpot lasagna I found on pinterest. It was a hit with our small group and fed all nine of us! Served with a big ole' green salad.

Angel Chicken. Another Southern Plate recipe. I halved her recipe and omitted the butter and we loved it! We ate ours over wheat noodles with roasted brussel sprouts. It would be great over brown rice/quinoa!

Any healthy and easy meals on your plates lately? Feel free to share!

See more recipe ideas here!

Outlive Your Life.

WIPW stands for "Work in Progress Wednesday"
Normally, these posts are supposed to be based on a project, such as a craft or home improvement. I'm going to pull the young associate card here and call an ain't nobody got time fo dat!

However, although this project is intangible on it's face, here's something I've been working on lately:

Our small group has been reading Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado and studying the early church in Acts. The main lesson from this book is in the caption, "You were made to make a difference."

So far, Andrew and I are through eight chapters of the book. We read a chapter each morning individually, and then go over the questions together in the evening. It is really challenging us!

Some points I've loved reading so far:

-You are the only chance the world has to experience what you bring
-(In terms of those hurting in our world) The problem isn't the supply; the problem is in the distribution
-We are created by God to do great works. not just in heaven, but here on earth (see Eph. 2:10)

What I'm working on:
-Going beyond my comfort zone and beyond the walls of my church and home to build relationships with others
-Focusing on needs I've known for quite some time were out there (but have ignored), and using my convictions and God-given strengths to fill that need
-Taking seemingly small, everyday steps to show others our BIG God
-Practicing and providing "random acts of kindness"
-Opening up to my small group in order to work more efficiently as a group

So, What have you been working on? A project? A relationship? A new goal?

Love ya, mean it!

This Morning.

"Praise the Lord, my soul
all my inmost being, praise his holy name
Praise the Lord, my soul
and forget not his benefits 
who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases
who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion
who satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's
The Lord works righteousness and justice
for all the oppressed."
Psalm 103:1-6