Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all!

It's the perfect day for it here. Overcast with lots of leaves falling! I just love this fall weather.

I also love me some Hocus Pocus. It's really the only Halloween tradition I hold. 

We already did trunk n treat this weekend, and I doubt will get any little goblins on our street due to a big storm rolling in, so tonight we will be relaxing at home. I'm already looking forward to being in my yoga pants, drinking some hot tea, and resting with my man and ole Scout! Maybe they will let us have movie night? :)

Oh, and we have some smore supplies left over from a bonfire we need to use up, so I am going to make these bars I found on pinterest. Yum, fall!

I hope those of you celebrating have a great time! Eat some reese's for me! 


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