Jean Louise.

On Sunday afternoon, a little stray puppy showed up on our street.

She was scared and filthy and pitiful.

We fed her and gave her a much-needed flea bath, followed by some much-needed lovin'.
 Poor girl was infested and bleeding from bites. And still very scared.

We snuggled her in a towel and she began to open up a little.
She slept through the night and we decided to call the animal shelter in the morning.

I even posted her sweet picture on a community Facebook page, looking to see if anyone would want to adopt her. She was really starting to feel (and smell) much better. She was becoming quite cheerful, too!

However, no one responded online and we learned that the shelter can only keep puppies for so long due to overcrowding. This made us SAD and we continued to pray for what to do with this little gift.

Still with us the next day, she took a trip with Andrew to go fishing since he had the holiday off work.
I think this was where she REALLY started working her magic. ;)

Verrrry quickly, she started making herself at home and filling up our hearts!

I mean, y'all, that face. Those snuggles. That sweetness. 
After much deliberation (we had said no pup for at least a year. oops.), we decided to keep her!

We named her Jean Louise..but will be calling her Scout! 
I really think she is going to live up to her namesake

She was a champ at the vet. Everyone loved her sweet nature and beautiful fur.
She survived her first round of shots and got treated for worms. 
She even got her nails did!! (she needed that mani. ouchie)
The vet was so wonderful, and told us she was most likely a lab mix that will grow to medium-large size. She also ruled out any chow, which we had previously guessed, due to her pink gums. 

Can y'all imagine me ( 1. first time puppy-owner 2. cautious perfectionist 3.chronic list maker 4. anxious need-to-know-ALL-the-info) at that consultation? Bless em. Good thing I had a cute pup with me. ;)

Oh, and she's killing it at crate training already.

I like to sneak her out (a lot) for playtime followed by snuggles and neck nuzzles.
 She's SO good at them! It's as if she sees your stress then absorbs it all in that red fro.

Told ya. Stress gone. Happiness abounds.

So, Miss Scout, it's a joy to give you a forever home.
I'm so happy God gave you to us for rescue; we have been so blessed by you already!

I'm excited to chronicle our adventures with her! I've never had a pet..EVER! So this is definitely one of those times I am thanking God for giving me a forever partner in Andrew. He is the calm to my worried, the playful to my cautious. Oh, and he got up at 1am last night to get her unstuck from the doggy door. ;) Love that man! And love y'all!

"A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals." Proverbs 12:10


  1. She is a cutie, cutie and I look forward to meeting her!! I think she is a very smart puppy to pick the two of you for her family!!

  2. I love this blog post so much!!! -Lauren