Rammer Jammer.

This past Saturday, we went to our first Alabama football game!

Andrew and I have said while we are living in the 'Sip that we want to tour as many of the SEC college campuses as we can. Last summer, we visited Ole Miss, and we have been to Alabama's campus a few times after Saturday trips to Target. ;) 

However, we haven't been to any of the football games, so we were excited when an opportunity came to hang out with law school friends who are tide fans. It was especially special since it was Alabama's homecoming weekend. We had a great time!

We tailgated.

We got to see some small group buddies who stopped by.

We went to the homecoming parade.
I got a great reaction from some AXO sisters 7 years my junior. :)
What fun-loving youngsters. 

We walked around sorority row.
All of the sororities had huge lawn decorations for homecoming.
I creeped on the cute AXOs again!

We did some more walking around campus, stopping by Gallette's for a yellow hammer and then seeing other landmarks, such as Rama Jamas. 

Then we ventured into the stadium. Holy moly! It was huge.
It was a beautiful day for some football.

Note: We are wearing CRIMSON not GARNET (ewww)
We still love our Tigers more than ever! Just taking advantage of being locals! :)

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. love your hair... the pic of you holding up your 'sign' is awesome