Outlive Your Life.

WIPW stands for "Work in Progress Wednesday"
Normally, these posts are supposed to be based on a project, such as a craft or home improvement. I'm going to pull the young associate card here and call an ain't nobody got time fo dat!

However, although this project is intangible on it's face, here's something I've been working on lately:

Our small group has been reading Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado and studying the early church in Acts. The main lesson from this book is in the caption, "You were made to make a difference."

So far, Andrew and I are through eight chapters of the book. We read a chapter each morning individually, and then go over the questions together in the evening. It is really challenging us!

Some points I've loved reading so far:

-You are the only chance the world has to experience what you bring
-(In terms of those hurting in our world) The problem isn't the supply; the problem is in the distribution
-We are created by God to do great works. not just in heaven, but here on earth (see Eph. 2:10)

What I'm working on:
-Going beyond my comfort zone and beyond the walls of my church and home to build relationships with others
-Focusing on needs I've known for quite some time were out there (but have ignored), and using my convictions and God-given strengths to fill that need
-Taking seemingly small, everyday steps to show others our BIG God
-Practicing and providing "random acts of kindness"
-Opening up to my small group in order to work more efficiently as a group

So, What have you been working on? A project? A relationship? A new goal?

Love ya, mean it!


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