Enjoying rest and dwelling in him.

I think a lot of times I feel guilty for the amount of weekend rest we've been given lately.

Always one to be doing a million things, it is hard for me to sit, take a breath, and truly rest. 

Since getting married, moving across two states, graduating law school, meeting new people, settling into a new house, studying for the bar, and starting a new full-time law-lady job, life has been quite a whirlwind. The weeks are still full, but we have been given these glorious weekends of rest.

Oh yea, that's another thing quite foreign to me. A weekend of rest. Not a weekend on the road, or studying, or volunteering, but of resting. Right after we got married, I remember reveling in getting to stay in the same place with Andrew on Sunday afternoons. Where I used to cry hitting the road to go back to school, I then cried because I got to BE with him. Now that we are getting more settled, I find myself wanting to fill that precious time.

And instead of soaking it all in, I felt guilty. I should be doing more! I should be reading a new book, starting a new project, calling someone, writing more..learning a new language!

And then I feel guilty for feeling guilty! Does it ever stop? :)

Yet I'm learning, this small period of rest is a blessing. Rest is biblical. Rest is needed...and it is GOOD.

It's good to spend time on the couch with my husband, without a list or a book nearby. It's ok to take a power nap after church and small group before I go back to volunteer. It's ok to just sit!

Also, I'm learning to just sit and be quiet in my quiet time. CONFESSION: IT"S HARD FOR ME TO SIT IN THE QUIET. I turn my phone off, step away from my planner, and pray and listen to God. I'm learning to be obedient this, even though it is really hard for me at times!

What about y'all? Do you find it hard to make time to rest? I vote we encourage each other to spend quality time with God and with those we love..and rest! Close this post! Go take a nap! ;) 

Scout says, "amen, people!" We sure could learn a lesson from this nugget:

My goal this week: get my lists done, but then drop them at a certain time each day and enjoy the rest the Lord gives us. It's for the good.

"Yes, my soul finds rest in God, my hope comes from him." Psalm 62:5

"...I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings." Psalm 61:1


  1. From the looks of these pics I think that your hubby is a good one to learn from....it looks like he and Scout have this resting thing down!! :) I can certainly relate to your feeling guilty. When I try to rest I'm always so bothered by everything I'm NOT doing!! Ugh!!
    Looks like Miss Scout is getting bigger!! AND, has she found her way inside?? ;) uh oh!!