Just walking with Scout.

This may sound cheesy, but I just love taking our dog on walks.

Almost every morning now, I wake up, throw on a baggy sweatshirt and some running tights, grab Scout from the backyard, and go for a stroll. Many times we take the recycling up to the church, or run some (very short) intervals at the park, but a lot of times we just walk in the quiet.

She's gotten much better with her leash training, thank goodness. So now, that there are no more sounds of a small dog choking herself on her collar (bless), it's so peaceful. I get to talk to God about my day or what new thing that's got me feeling anxious. I go over my prayer list. I take in His gorgeous creation full of fall colors. I praise Him for loving me and blessing me so richly. I thank him for the life he's entrusted to me and pray that I'd better serve him through it.

 I also love when I get to sneak out of work a little early and I get to take her on another walk. It makes the whole sunset at 5 thing a little less depressing. The fact that I get to take in a little bit of the outdoors for 15 minutes before it "closes for the night" is a great thing!

Do y'all ever have a time or a place where you just felt or feel God near? For me, it's in these moments. Nothing spectacular or novel, but oh-so-sweet and refreshing. So thankful for how he longs for a relationship with us and shows himself to us when our hearts are weary...sometimes even doubtful.

Then, we make the last little loop and come to this. Our home! 

I'm so grateful for this season of life. This season of fall. This season in this great little town. 
And for SCOUT! ;)

Love ya, mean it.


  1. Oh my goodness. Those ears! She looks so adorable. LOVE that you are loving the joys of pet parenthood.