Thankful Mantel.

A few weekends ago, Andrew and I did a little project for our very sad looking mantel.

Our living room is laid out in a way that would make a TV above the mantel a great choice. However, quick confession here, we do not have a TV anywhere in our house. :)

I thought about putting a mirror or a painting above it, but since there is already a mirror on the opposite wall, that didn't seem to work. I also didn't feel like paying for a big painting (not yet, anyways). I also wanted to decorate it for beautiful fall!

We had a canvas someone donated to us, but didn't exactly match our style. We gave it a little makeover by using some supplies that we already had on hand.

First, we spray painted the canvas with silver and gold spray paint and let it dry. Then, we placed pennies and circles from our three-hole punch all over the silver-gold mess. Then we spray painted a light coat of brown over the circles and let dry.

Then I made a banner using my "wedding craft" box- some cardstock and jute rope. Lastly, I placed some berries from our yard and some pumpkins from Black Creek Market.

For costing nothing, I'm really happy with the finished product! Some cheap and easy fall decor, but you could definitely do the circles effect with any mix of colors!

Have you guys done any crafts lately? Feel free to share in the comments or on the Facebook page (ps- you can like the FB page, if you haven't already!)

Happy fall, y'all! Much love-


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