Cooking with my neighbors' leftovers.

Our sweet neighbors left us a few weeks ago to move to Texas. I am so excited for them to start a new chapter of life, yet I was sad to see them go.

Well, aside from lifelong friendships and good memories, they also left us with a bunch of pantry and freezer items they could not take on their trip. Nothing like some free groceries to lift your spirits! ;) I decided to get a little creative and find ways to use up our newly-acquired loot. This would make some great meals in your home as well, so I wanted to share them in a small, non-professional photos included, roundup. Happy cooking!

Some dry beans and spices = Easy Veggie Chili (pictured above)
My go-to for wintertime get-togethers. This time around I added some ground turkey. With this recipe, you can just kind of wing it, switching out the type of beans and veggies at your heart's desire. Yummmmm comfort.

Some frozen chicken breasts and olive oil dressing = Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Chicken
A lot of times it's hard for me to find a baked chicken breast recipe that doesn't come out dry (yuck). So this is on a constant rotation in our home. I've started skipping the saute step and just throwing everything in the baking pan (please don't tell Ina)! I have made it the "original" way before and they come out the same either way...and that way is delicious!

Some dry beans and quinoa = Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
A Meatless Monday first that packed more "beef" than our regular meaty meals! Filled with quinoa and beans (hello, protein-packed fiber-fest), this dish had me full after half a pepper and some salad. This also made for great lunches! I left out the cilantro, feta, and diced tomatoes from the original recipe (while adding extra cheese, per usual) and they were still perfect.

A bottle of sriracha and a bag of white rice = Sriracha Glazed Turkey Meatballs.
Clearly that is not the best picture, but these were WONDERFUL. Annnnnnd, this is a recipe I followed exactly! Can ya believe it? If you're looking for some spicy, sweet, yummy goodness, make this one!

A jar of pesto and some more frozen chicken = One dish pesto bake
I used the popular recipe floating around social media for this one. Except, for the Italian seasoning, I subbed half a jar of pre-made basil pesto. Holy moly, GOOD.

What have you been cooking lately? Anything new and exciting?

Rachel, this amazing post is dedicated to you. Laugh! Thank you for being my friend and for giving me groceries. I miss you very much and wish I could come eat some Tex-Mex with you!

Love y'all, 


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