Much Needed Mini-Vaca.

Sweet friends,

I apologize for my lack of posts recently! (this is where you pretend to notice) I really have no excuse. :)

Either way, this week will be one of an attempted catch-up. 

This past weekend was one filled with friends, family, and Christmas delight. I will admit the week prior was somewhat taxing on my man and me. We both had long work weeks, and well, we were just...tired.

On Friday, Andrew attended a graduation for one of the pilot training classes he instructed. I was a good military wife and went with him. Sike.I walked to Columbus's Wassail Fest downtown with two friends and fellow graduation-skipping wives. I sure love having the opportunity to live in a fun downtown!

Saturday, we traveled to a family Christmas party outside of Atlanta. Andrew's aunt and uncle hosted the family at their beautiful home (which is also a bed and breakfast!). Oh y'all, how it did my heart SO much good to see and be with family. Many that we haven't seen since our wedding!

We even got to meet the newest and tiniest members of the family! My gracious. The sweetness.

Did I mention MY parents were there as well? My cup. Overflowing.

We were able to spend the night relaxing and then having a delicious Sunday morning breakfast before heading back to the 'Sip. I felt like a queen. Cozy home, comfy bed, wonderful food...cable TV! So grateful.

So lovely and serene. Sad to leave!

I am so thankful for the grace God has so immensely poured out onto me via my loved ones. He is so good to our hearts when they need it the most!

Merry Christmas, friends-


  1. Lovely!! Great pics and beautiful words. Can't wait to see you in about a week!! whoop, whoop.

  2. I'm so so glad y'all were able to make the trip up to Georgia! It was wonderful seeing you guys. I loved getting to know your parents better too. They are awesome! Hope you and Andrew have a very merry Christmas!