The Weary World Rejoices!

It's quite the sweet little scene over at our house.

Jesus came to earth to give us hope and life! We are expectant and we are blessed.

We got our hand-me-down tree trimmed and topped with a makeshift burlap bow.

Scout was a little unsure at first (like, hello, you're on my bed). 
However, she has been keeping those puppy teeth clear of tempting ornaments and packages.

Speaking of presents, they are all purchased, wrapped, and bagged.
Amazingly, I also placed all our cards in the mail. We are making strides! Woop!

The rest of the house is also sweet and simple.

A beautiful (also hand-me-down) holly wreath on the front door, a jute line of Christmas cards hanging in the kitchen, garland on the mantel, etc. It's so cozy to stare at on rainy nights like these.

Of course I waited and took these pictures at night thinking "It's so beautiful and cheery I am SURE the iphone camera will pick that up!"...not ;)

Saturday, Andrew went deer hunting with my boss (yes, you read that correctly) so of course, I did my chores and immediately cranked up Mariah Carey Christmas and my kitchenaid.

Mariah, seriously girlfriend, after all these years, your version of O Holy Night still gives me chills all the way to my little white girl bottom! 

Oh yea oh yea oh yea ooohoohhhh oh night diviiiine.

Where was I? Oh yea, the Mariah Carey Kitchenaid marathon.
I made eight dozen sugar cookies! Go baby go...

The base has a cookie drive going for single airmen and families with a deployed spouse.
I threw in some airplanes for those sweet ones.

We will also be giving cookies out to our neighbors on our little downtown street.

Learned this- you can add a little karo syrup and cornstarch to buttercream icing to help them harden for stacking. Y'all probably already knew that...

What all are you guys doing for Christmas?
 I hope you're getting to enjoy simple, sweet time with loved ones!

Oh and here ya go....;)


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