My Hope for 2014.

Dear friends,

Thank you all so much for the love and encouragement you poured out on to me in response to Granny's post. In all honesty, I fretted over that post for quite some time. With the help of my husband, I found the courage to click "publish". Then, still fretting, I prayed through my scared that my words would encourage or lift the spirits of another, even it was another that I may not even know.

That post, in a way, gave me the push I needed for my blogging in this new year. I don't really like making resolutions, so instead, I came up with my "hope" for this little blog space in 2014. Besides, aren't you supposed to have your resolutions ready on January 1? I am a little late to the party, if so. ;)

My main hope for here is to be more intentional with my writing.

At this point, I'm not exactly sure what that will look like. Ha. However, I do know that it includes becoming more transparent with my readers and not being so afraid to publish the posts that I have actually written. In the past, I have tended to hold back by fear that I am exposing too much, boring my readers, and not making a true difference in the words I am putting out there. Oh, all the posts that sat in draft mode to only be sent to recycle bin heaven within the months following! Cringe.

Does this mean I have to write a novel every day? Of course not. Ain't nobody got time fo dat! Does it mean I will be putting down every little detail and emotion? No thanks! :) However, I do want to write more about what's going on in our little dot on the map, and maybe such will encourage you..or at least entertain. ;)

I love y'all and am looking forward to a great year!


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