Amanda's Columbus Visit.

Hi, everyone! 

I hope you all are surviving the cold! Although, I was talking to my sister last night and it was 70 degrees in parts of the Carolinas. It was only 38 here in Mississippi. Something seems a little off about that?

Speaking of Carolinas, one of my bffs from Rock Hill came to visit us this past weekend. I was so, so glad to have her here. It did my heart a lot of good, and we had a LOT of fun. Here are some pics from our time together. 

Friday morning was gorgeous, so we explored downtown Columbus after our YMCA workout.

The last stop on the antebellum tour was my favorite "abandoned" home. We peeked in the windows, marveling at all the ornate furniture and artwork.... then we ran away once we saw someone was still living there (because that's not creepy or anything).

We ate lunch on the porch at Proffitt's then took Andrew some lunch at work. He gave Amanda a tour of the plane he flies. Amanda's grandfather was retired Air Force, so she had fun reliving her younger days of exploring the base near home.

And we had fun participating in a Kardashian-inspired photo shoot. SO excited to be premiering KBeauty with my bf this weekend, dolls.

On Saturday, we put on our boots and grabbed some chickfila teas, then headed on a little road trip to Memphis. We stopped at Graceland first, which was lots of fun!

After paying our tributes to the king, we headed downtown. There were lots of fun shops and music...

and great FOOD! :) We split a Greek salad and white pizza at Aldo's, a really fun little dive. Don't you love girl dates when you split salads and vegetarian pizza and diet cokes? Me too. 

Then we went to see WICKED!!! What an amazing, amazing show. I want to go back already!

Saturday night, we went to Anthony's Good Food Market in West Point. A great last dinner!

Sunday, we went to MTV church, then made a little Tuscaloosa trip (= Target AND Starbucks = JOY) before dropping Amanda off at the airport. Wah! I love hanging out with her because we share a love of fun travel and adventure. Why not take advantage of the fun things around us? This weekend was nothing short of that!

Thankful for a fun weekend and great girlfriend time! Hope y'all have a great week,