Snuggled Up.

Hello there, readers and friends.

---This is a post from two weeks ago that I forgot to post. Whoopsie!---

Brrrrrr. It was twenty degrees outside when I left for work this morning. Last week, most mornings started out around nine degrees. Hello, yes, I said NINE DEGREES. I know if you're reading this from the Midwest (I read that it was -21 in Chicago in last week), you are laughing, but I do not do well in this cold. I am laughing with you because it is pretty funny.

My toes have been fluctuating between a bright shade of red to a saddened deep purple. I am SURE you wanted to know about my feet (hey, they are at least pedicured on a regular basis?). However, apparently rainbow toes aren't something to take lightly, so I had to break down and buy a new pair of fuzzy slippers. The only kind I could find in a pinch that are hard-bottomed were fake Uggs. Laugh. I don't think Uggs (or their fake counterparts) are cute in most circumstances, and I have personally confirmed that they are definitely NOT cute in a size ten, but Y'ALL are they comfy and warm. I mean, what else is a southern girl with large, pedicured, purple feet to do in nine-degree weather?

Needless to say, I think we have hit the heart of the winter blues in our household. We miss the sunshine and being active outside. We miss grilling out with friends and swinging on our screened porch. We miss walking downtown on date night and post-dinner strolls around our neighborhood. I miss fingers that don't feel like ice cubes and toes that are flesh-colored. And, I can bet a few dollars that Andrew misses a time when his darling wife was ugg-less. ;)

However, our house is warm, our bellies are full (more so than not thanks to a constant wardrobe of large, stretchy clothing), and marriage is still just OH-SO SWEET. A thankful heart makes the soul cheerful, so I am THANKFUL for my husband, our pup, our families, my job, our church home, and snuggling on the couch under my thick, five-year-old, bright purple t-shirt quilt.

Are y'all staying warm? What winter-time memories have you been making lately? What have you been thankful for even in the midst of mundane?

I loved this verse today:
"O my strength, I will sing praises to you
for you, O God, are my fortress
the God who shows me steadfast love."
Psalm 59:17

I also adore this sweet, simple song. "And the heartbeat of my life, is to worship in your LIGHT (even in the dreary and cold ;))....Glory, glory, hallelujah Jesus you are GOOD!"


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