A Brief List of Happies.

1. It is a BEAUTIFUL day outside and it's Friday! Yay for official SPRING season.

2.  Our Sunday small group is starting a new book called, "Fresh Air". I found out that it is currently FREE for kindle users. How exciting. :) You can download it too, just click the bolded link.

3. Our ONE YEAR anniversary is on Sunday! I cannot believe it. We have small group Sunday night, so we are celebrating tomorrow with some outdoor adventures and then a dinner at Anthony's (yummmmm) I can't wait!

4. I purchased a fitbit zip and have been having lots of fun with it so far. It is highly motivating!

5. Today, March 21st, is national downs syndrome day. That makes my heart smile.:)

6. I've been married to my husband for a whole year of my life!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekends, y'all!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you & Andrew!! I hope y'all had a wonderful time celebrating!