One Year.

We had a wonderful time celebrating our FIRST anniversary this weekend.

Here's some HIGH-quality photos and riveting stories (laughing) to showcase how we spent it.

We didn't take a crazy trip or exchange fancy presents, but we DID get to enjoy some time off work- spending time outside in the great weather, swapping some letters we had written each other, and chowing down on some GREAT food. It was the BEST just to be together and look back on God's faithfulness and provision over the last year! In our books, it was perfect!

We spent Saturday sitting in the sun in our backyard and listening to music on the porch. Then we went to Anthony's for a delicious dinner. It was the best, as always, (pictured above is a very excited A with his Philly Filet) and we had SO much fun!! I pray that through the years we will still make this quality time, sharing stories and laughing til our bellies hurt.

 We were taking a little rest on the porch Saturday, and I told A how I vividly remember being younger and feeling alone at night, and I would pray. I would ask God if maybe, one day, he would give me a companion of my "very own"...

Glory, glory hallelujah Jesus you are good! :)

Sunday, our real anniversary, we volunteered at church (can you spot my favorite bass player?) and got many well wishes from our closest friends. We even went out to lunch (a rare treat as Sundays are normally "clean out the fridge" days. ha!) and then had a great time with our small group over dinner!

At the risk of over-sharing, I will conclude with this, friends:

Marriage is the sweetest, most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. My husband is my favorite person this side of Heaven. This past year has been my absolute favorite this side of  it, too. I can't wait to do life with my companion all the way to then!

Thanks for reading and loving us!

Ps- If you're engaged and people are spitting that negative nonsense your way (pet peeve). Don't listen to that chatter. Sure, living with another human has its challenges, but it is WORTH it one hundred times over. Even this sometimes Negative Nancy can state that with full confidence. We are living proof that two imperfect people can have a joyful, absolute BLAST of a life together even when life's "hards" get thrown your way. Team marriage!!


  1. Yay Team Marriage!! Happy Anniversary! Love you guys and this post <3