Carolina Girls. Best In The World.

Last weekend, I traveled to Greenville to meet up with some of my best gal friends from college. We then road tripped down to Pawley's Island, South Carolina for our friend Townsend's bachelorette. Oh, how I  miss the laughter and that salty air already!

As always, the weekend was too short, but my soul was nourished after being with some of the most fun, Jesus-loving gals on the planet. It was also the best to be back in my home state, which I'm determined, now more than ever, is the best in the whole union.When is this whole Air Force gig up again? I kid. ;)

Townsend was actually the first person I met at Clemson (besides my roommate and other high school friends). I will never forget walking in to a dorm room down the hall, seeing this gorgeous strawberry-blonde girl with a gash on her forehead: "We are trying to put my bunk bed together and it fell on me!" My dad ran in with his tools to help and we started chatting. It was love since then! 

She is getting married at the end of this month and I couldn't be more excited and honored to stand beside her on her wedding day. It was so fun to celebrate her and be together like "the old days".

Seven years, three weddings, and  a handful of moves later....still bffs. I couldn't be more thankful!
(Pic via 2007 oh yea!)

Hug your girlfriends today, gals! They are the BEST!

Oh, and ps: