Kentucky Derby Party.

---Playing catch-up with some blog posts. Oops!--

A few weekends ago, we attended a Kentucky Derby party with some of our C-town friends.

It was a beautiful Saturday to celebrate a fun southern tradition and get together. Here is my favorite lady pilot and some of my favorite pilot wives. Such a fun group!

Our friends hosted the party at their new house on the river. They have a huge back porch and it was a wonderful and sunny day! The hats came in handy. ;) 

Before the race, we had lots of yummy food: hot browns, cheese grits, benedictine dip, and bourbon meatballs. I had never gone to a Derby party before, so I made some mint julep sweet tea and some double-fudge brownies with a splash of bourbon added to the mix...that counts, right?

The hostess also made a traditional mint julep bar. Complete with "silver" cups! Too cute!

We drew horse names out of a hat to "bet" on them. I think our horses had about 26:1 odds each, so needless to say, we didn't win anything. :) But it was still fun to dress up for "a day at the races"

Did y'all celebrate or watch the races? I never have before and thought the story of California Chrome was the sweetest!



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