Our Summer Bucket List {Featuring Scout!}

Happy Hump Dayyyyy, Friends!

I know that summer does not officially begin until June 21st, but we have officially declared it summer in our home. We sat down last night to come up with a "summer bucket list" and we got all excited for the fun season ahead.

Here are some examples, as shown by our favorite red-head, Miss Scout:

Swimming and spending time outdoors

Tanning and listening to good music (like, Pandora's 1990's summer hits)

Traveling, even if just a few miles away

Reading and resting (while trying a new cocktail. none for scout, she's underage)

Being active and trying new sports or games

Exploring new places

And just spending some good quality time with your pack.

We have started a pinterest board of ideas for our family's summer bucket list. {LINK HERE!} If you pin, would you consider adding yourself as a contributor so that we can share ideas? We've already added new foods, places, books, acts of kindness, and other adventures, but would love your input!

Love y'all!