Long to stay in your presence.

"Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things"
Colossians 3:2

I've been reading and thinking a lot lately on the "looking to the eternal" in my everyday life. Wellllllll...then our pastor preached about it this yesterday, it was the topic of our small group discussion last night, and I read about it before work this morning. AHEM! Time for someone to listen up!

If I'm honest, looking at the "bigger picture" is hard for me. I feel like every day I struggle with an over-analytical and anxious mind. I get lost in the small details. I miss the hope for eternity in the midst of trying to "get through" the every day. God calls us to a FULL life, full of his abundance and grace, yet I don't listen to him because I am fervently going over my to-do list. For example, today I attempted to shift my thoughts on "things above" when I found myself focusing too much or filling my mind with earthly things. I caught myself thinking things like:

"I know I did a bad job on that project for work. I bet my boss wishes he didn't hire me."

"They didn't text me back after I texted 'I love you'..twice! I must have done something to make them mad and not want to love me back today."

"I forgot to empty the dishwasher before work. I am SO not a Proverbs 31 woman!"

"Oh my goodness, where are we going to move next?"

"I should have thought of that. I wish I was smarter."

"Look at that chick running so fast! I look like a turtle in peanut butter when I run."

"Speaking of running and working out, WHY is my booty still so flat???" Laugh. ;)

 It truly is a "battle of the mind" out there (in the words of our dear Joyce Meyer).  And while I don't think it's alright to neglect your obligations and responsibilities, I do think it's necessary to take a breath, talk it out with Jesus, and then, well...listen to some KIM WALKER! So that's what I did on my lunch break. I didn't do anything big, just sat and listened. Yes, to a ten minute song with those crazy kids in their skinny jeans, raising their hands in church (my lawd!).

"I long to look on the face of the One that I love
Long to stay in your presence it's where I belong!"

Shifting my focus off myself and my problems and on to a big God who calls me His and loves me is one of the best things I can do during a particularly hard day. It's nothing novel or WHOA, but it really helps and I hope it can help you too! Nourish that soul, y'all. I promise it'll do some good.

I sure love ya!


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