Sweet Baby Girl.

On Sunday, I hosted a small baby shower for my friend, Rebecca.

She actually delivered her baby girl (prematurely) the Monday before, so we were unsure if we would have the shower! However, mom and baby were doing fine and she said she wanted to see all of her friends after a long hospital stay. Doesn't she look awesome?

Hm, how do I say this? Plainly put, B is my "Columbus sister". We met through our church a year ago and have shared such a special bond already. She is so much fun, yet I know that I can be my real self without judgment. She always provides a listening ear and necessary doses of honesty. Although she is only a year older than me, I feel like she is much more wise due to her relationship with Jesus. I love trusting that I can always go to her for loving encouragement. She and her husband have welcomed us, mentored us, and shown us just how joyful a godly marriage can be (in trials and in good!). It was a joy to be able to shower her as they welcome their second child and first baby girl.

 The decorations were simple. I used flowers in mason jars and some chalkboard welcome signs. I had a "Welcome, Baby Girl!" balloon that exploded due to the heat (it had been outside 45 minutes). The gold one held on for dear life. Gotta love this deep south weather. ;)

I had everyone "sign in" inside of a baby book, as I thought that would make for a sweet keepsake.

I set the table with pink lemonade punch and light snacks with the help of some other sweet church friends.

We had a great time together and she received lots of cute gifts! I took the "outfit line" idea from the "undies line" seen often at bachelorette parties...laugh! I thought it was a great way to display the adorable little clothes. And I mean, they are kind of related, right? ;)

Later that evening, we were invited over to meet Baby Girl herself! All 4 pounds 13ounces of her! My goodness, she is so small yet already has such beautiful features! Needless to say, we are already in love with our newest little friend.

Seriously, so tiny...and so, so sweet my tooth hurts!!
Thank you Jesus for giving such precious life!

It seems like 50% of the women at our church are pregnant, which is very exciting! However, I am staying far away from the water fountains. :) For those that like to ask if I have "caught the fever," I will say that I am maintaining normal temperature levels and am totally content with my 50-pound, self-feeding, potty trained, fluffy baby (who is almost a whole year old waaah)! 

I can't say again how grateful I am for the community we have here in C-Town. Our God is so faithful!


  1. You know I loved the pic you sent previously of the "2 Anjs", but the one w/ her sweet little hand holding his finger nearly melted my heart!! Oh, how precious!! Just love it!!

  2. Ah! Love this! Happy {almost} Birthday, Scout! We love you, and your mama, and your daddy!

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