Friday Favorites!


Here are some things making me happy this morning:

"A cheerful heart fills the day with song." Proverbs 15:15

My patriotic puppy last weekend in her flag bandana. I never knew rescuing a little stray dog would be such a gift! Sure, she sheds terribly and likes to wake me up way earlier than needed, but she is our loyal walking buddy, the sweetest snuggler, and our friendly welcome wagon combined with a fierce little guardian. Thinking of adopting a dog? DO IIIIIIT.

Sounds of Summer at the Riverwalk. We walked to the second concert of the series last night to enjoy some good music in the great outdoors. We love downtown living!

This shampoo. On sale at Target and just smells like the beach and happy summertime. 
I don't know if it has any hair benefits, but I feel like I'm on vacation and tan when I use it so that's good enough for me.

My Erin Condren planner- the best planner ever! Lays flat, has plenty of space for lists, is personalized, comes with cute stickers for different events, and keeps all your life happening organized. Bonus: it's adorable! I bought this when it was on sale, but will gladly buy the full-price version here soon, and I would recommend the investment to any other planners out there! The new line is already out on her website.

This book. L-O-Ving it so far! Here is a description from the site:
Jesus is greatly revered, harshly criticized, and sorely misunderstood. Judah breaks down who Jesus is and explains to readers how understanding Jesus more fully will not only enrich their lives, but also give them meaning, as well as save them. 

My new Chacos! I tried some on at the store ($115) then bought them at Sierra Trading Post with a promo code for $60. I used to hate the idea of chacos because I thought in order to wear them you had to give up things like washing your hair (with summery shampoo, nonetheless) and pedicures (which I so desperately need, see above). However, the granola gal in me caved and I am so glad! These are perfect for our many summer strolls and trips to the lake. They are super comfy and I know they won't fall off my feet while wading in the water or climbing hills. And yes, I still wash my hair and am getting my nails done this afternoon..laugh.

Pioneer Woman Salsa. I am never buying the jarred stuff again! This is so easy to whip up, and makes a LOT for the same price. It is so fresh and everyone that's tried it has loved it. You can make it (recipe here), too!

Sunday Night Summer Movie. I went to see "The Fault in our Stars" with a girlfriend from church last Sunday. As well all know, it was very sad, but it was so incredibly sweet and touching! I would highly recommend it. Plus, this little song from it, is a great addition to the workout playlist.

What are the things making you happy this week? Please share!

Much love,


  1. ohhhhhhh, my. so much goodness.

    First: I have been HUGELY devoted to the PW's salsa recipe for at least like, 5 years now or something. I remember making it once in college, and then I was seriously suckered into making it for all events afterward. My roommate always requested it for our Monday Bachelor/ette viewings. hahaha. It so SO GOOD, right?

    Second: Those shoes! I love those kind of hippie shoes. I really want a pair of strappy Tevas. I know you always feel weird about wearing them, but they're just so comfy that any doubt just goes flying out the door once you put them on. I love them - good choice.

    Third: puppppppyyyyyyy. She's gotten so big!!! I love me some puppies, and it's always good if you can rescue a stray or get to the shelter. I think they somehow make more appreciative dogs? Although, our family rescue could not care less about us. He just loves his daddy and sleeping, that's it! haha.

  2. Scout <3 <3 I miss that sweet face greeting me all the time.