{Trader Joe's Link Party} Sandwich Round Up.

summer with trader joe's

Hi, friends! I've been able to join in a blog linkup party with some amazing lady bloggers! Each week we will be providing fun recipe ideas from ingredients found at Trader Joe's. 

But, wait, our closest TJ's is two states away?! That's ok, Amazon Trader Joe's shop to the rescue! ;)

Last week, I was having some blogger issues (hence the new layout though, so yay for that!) so I was unable to blog during week #1.  However, the other ladies made some amazing looking sandwiches that I wanted to feature here.

Here you go. Enjoy, guys!

I hope this gives y'all some summer, "no cook" inspiration!
You TOO can link up with the above icon. Happy eating!

The link up will take place on each Tuesday, beginning Tuesday, July 1st. Our team of bloggers will post a recipe each week that uses at least two ingredients or items from Trader Joe's from the following categories:
Week #1 Sandwich
Week #2 Salad
Week #3 Cocktail
Week #4 Mexican
Week #5 Indian
Week #6 Best Party Snacks
Then, you can link up your recipe (using at least 2 TJs ingredients or items), too, and it will appear on all 5 of our blogs. The following week we’ll feature the recipe that got the most views.
Here are the rules:

1. Your recipe must use at least 2 Trader Joe’s ingredients or items.
2. Your recipe must fit with the featured category of the week.
3. Please comment on at least 2 other recipes. That’s what a Link Up is for!
4. If you link up a photo (and we hope you will), we have the right to use it if it’s the following week’s featured recipe.
5. Please use the link-up button at the bottom of this post in your submission.


  1. Yumm! I'm going to have to try some of those :)

  2. I like your ideas and that is so great to use it and I would really like to follow your information.

  3. How interesting! Thank you so much for the shared announcement! I'm going to post a recipe of a tasty yet healthy salad.

  4. Looks yummy and sounds to be delicious! Thank you so much for the share! I will try to make the same sandwich.