Farmhouse Headboard and Bench.

I came across this bench on pinterest (of course) and asked Andrew if we could build it together. He built the headboard for our bed last year, and since we didn't have a footboard or anything at the end of the bed, I thought a bench would be a nice addition.

This one is shorter than the one in the tutorial so that it would fit our space. It did only cost about $15, since we already had the stain on-hand from the headboard and our dining room table.

I showed it to him on a Friday night, and to my excitement, he was up that Saturday measuring and taking the truck to Lowes. That guy. The best! 

The image below is picture of the headboard. I am unable to take a picture of the bench and headboard together..but you get the idea. ;) I just love that we are able to "have" this bed from Pottery Barn for less than $50. (our bed spread is from there and cost more than the bed frame itself).

Please excuse the picture's quality as I took it at night in the middle of taking down the pillows ("oh I need to take a picture!" *throws pillows back on top real quick*) The front pillow is more burnt red than the lovely coral it seems to be in the picture. I have several of these great pillows from Belk.

While I am rambling about bedding, please consider this a PSA that Belk's Biltmore Hotel sheets (...and towels) are the best around and worth the investment ten times over. Please consider my plea for your sleeping and snuggling health. ;)

I am so excited about the finished project. I love the mix of rustic-yet-feminine.
I also adore the price and that it is so cozzyyyyy.

Similar tutorial for the farmhouse headboard {HERE}
Tutorial for the farmhouse bench/footboard {HERE}

Have you had any fun projects lately?


  1. Okay, I feel creepy, but I *just* posted a man craft that D did for me before even seeing this post. Maybe it's just that we married similar men/brothers?! LOVE how handy they are, seriously, what can they not do?

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