Life Lately.

The dog days of summer. How wonderful you have been.

As we are traveling to four weddings this fall, and attempting to make it to more than one Clemson game this season, we decided to lay back these past few months. We managed to sneak away to see some family and friends in July, but other than that, we have been soaking up the sweetness (and humidity) of our little town. It has been good for the wallets and for the soul.

We have been keeping our schedule of morning and late evening walks to escape the heat and stretch our legs.

I could cry watching this special surprise unfold. I found it from a local shop/gem (handmade buck knife that I was too scared to hold to take a good picture of. SHARP SHARP Bear Grylls style. with homemade leather holster sniffffffffff).

I loved the lunch break, back roads adventure that ensued from going pick up this said surprise. I'm discovering more of the little hideaways that the people here cherish and recommend ten times over.

We've enjoyed date night in with some "fancies" Andrew picked up for me at Whole Foods on one of his out-of-town flights. Married peeps, have you established a weekly date night? I would strongly advise (since you know, I've been married half a minute and am so wise).

I loved this fun, simple dinner party with friends, where we laughed and drank champagne and celebrated a sweet couple getting to move to Seattle.
I want to visit them already.

Of course it was dinner party turned karaoke hour.

We've been kept safe from intruders by our fervent watch dog.

And are thankful that thunderstorms don't cause any we would be out of luck I think.

I also think I love our neighborhood a little more each day.
Honestly, you pray for God to give you community and watch it come in ten-fold. My my.

We found a new Thai place in town (watch outtttt nowww).
They grow their basil in the front "yard" and have a kind staff. What fun date nights.

And as always, we have been eating WELL the nights we stay home. 
This bread is worth turning on the hot oven because it is SO easy yet SO delicious
 (thanks, Amanda!)

What "little" memories are making you happy today?

I have loved this summer so much and am going to miss it. No worries however, because although TJ Maxx now has FALL decorations out, it is still 102 degrees outside. ;)

Thankful for this slow and sweet season of life!


  1. That sheer curtain is doing wonders for keeping Scout from the thunderstorm ;)

  2. I find "Brave Scout's" pic hilarious!! Makes me laugh!! I also, LOVE, the lawn mowing pic....swim suit and rain boots? ....adorable! Love YOUR thankful heart!!