Reading Nook Redo.

There is a little room off our kitchen that has been quite bare for well...a year. I'm guessing it was a breakfast nook before we moved in, but we didn't really need the space for another place to eat (we have a kitchen island and our dining room already.. #firstworldproblems). We decided it would make a great space for reading. Over the past year, it has developed, and I would say its pretty much done at this point.

It all started with the rug. Which we got from our local Dirt Cheap for $9. It is from the Target Threshold line.

Next came the AMAZING hand-me-down, oversized, comfyyyy chair from my parents. While it was in wonderful condition, it didn't exactly fit my color scheme. And Scout acted like she owned it...tisk tisk ;)

I searched all over for a reputable re-upholstery shop with no success. I thought of ordering a custom slip cover online, but I was a little nervous. Finally, I found an oversized, stretch slipcover from the company that made our couch slipcover (the couch actually goes with this chair. thank you sweet parents).  I was comfortable ordering from this company due to the great success we have had with the one on our couch (no constant tucking and pulling woo!).

I went back to Dirt Cheap with a friend on the hunt for a side table and a lamp shade to "complete" the space. Dirt Cheap is basically a salvage store with lots and lots of (unused) Target goodies. It's like the Target heavens showed some mercy on us living in exile by providing us us their discarded pieces for 50-90% off retail.

The side table drawer needed a little TLC..and that's where this guy comes in to save the day (as always!).
"Oh Andreeeeew" ;)

Free chair, free lamp, $3 shade, $4 oversized pillow, $9 rug, 50cents thrift store basket spray painted gold, $60 slipcover (SureFit stretch from, and $20 side table...boom!

The wall to the right has a bookshelf with our coffee "station" on top. Our prayer board is attached to the wall.

...and the hound is back in the appropriate place (after some discipline :/).

I'm so happy with this space! It's been the perfect place for iced coffee and a good book before or after work!

Do you have any fun projects going on at your house?


  1. I think this would inspire me to read! Especially with that cute furball at my feet :)