The Gathering.

Our church started a third worship service on Sunday mornings. Due to the crowd at the 10:30 hour, an overflow room has been used for awhile now. Our awesome friends on church staff decided to take the "overflow room" and create an intentional worship space with its own service. AC and I loved the idea of this laid-back, more intimate experience and asked what we could do to help.

We help set up for it during the week and I was overwhelmed with how awesome it looked when I walked in Sunday morning!

We had to add extra seats and I got to meet a handful of new people while working the coffee (cafe femenino, to be exact) cart (one of my favorite things on Sundays).

This one is part of the band. Love his dedication to practice even after 10+ hour work days. He does everything in excellence and watching him do so is an inspiration.

Here is one of the songs we sang:

After church, we celebrated the "successful launch" with friends over brunch at Restaurant Tyler. BLT benedict and cheese grits. Amen!

So grateful for our church. So grateful to work alongside some amazingly talented friends who love Jesus! It is so much fun. 


  1. I agree...beautiful song!! Mark would be so proud of Andrew....I am too! Love you both!!