Around the World Blog Hop.

Hello sweet friends.

Rachel and me on our NOLA adventure. Miss this girl tons!

Did everyone have a nice long weekend? I cannot believe that it is September.

We had a great time at a wedding in Nashville and enjoyed the Monday off work yesterday!

So hey. I was invited to do a blog hop by Rachel, my former neighbor and forever friend who I talk about (and MISS) so, so often. The blog hop is basically a big networking of bloggers, which we pass along on our blog sites. So today I will tell a little about Rachel as well as three other bloggers. I met Rachel when we first moved to Columbus, as she lived right next door. In the short months we were neighbors we became close friends and I am so glad that we met! She is an incredibly talented quilter and her blog is amazing. I love reading Quiltineering for a number of reasons- mainly to one, keep up with her adventures in the Air Force and two, to look at all of her beautiful projects! Check her out here. Thank you so much for featuring me Rachel and for being a life-long friend even through distance! You are such a joy!

I'd also like to share some other great blogs written by some of my favorite women.

Sweetpea Lifestyle blog by Ashley.

Ashley is a beloved close friend and is the best little Southern party planner extraordinaire. I love reading her blog to find new recipes, party ideas, and organizational tips. It's also great to keep up with life in one of my favorite places, Asheville. :) Love you, AEB!

Legally Lovely by Emma. 

I "met" Emma via the blogisphere during our first year of law school. I feel like I know her due to our mutual love for Mexican food, travel adventures, and You've Got Mail. It's been great to have an email life-line to another first year attorney. Her blog has amaaaazing photographs and I love reading about her fun times "up North". Laugh. ;) Emma, if I could send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils, I would!

This Wonderful Life by Stephanie.

Steph is a sweet family member with an amazing eye for photography. I LOVE checking her blog because I know she will be consistent in posting wonderful pictures of her sweet kiddies! I love how she documents so much of their lives and I wish I remembered to take the time to do the same. I could definitely learn a lot from her in the blogging and photo departments! ;)

So now I'm supposed to feature what I have been "working on".

As you know, this blog space does not really carry a specific theme. I am not a food blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, and I am most definitely not a fashion or photography blogger. ;) However, I would like to blog more consistently, sharing snippets of our life and specifically sharing what I am learning during these seasons of transitions in life and growth in my faith. What does that  look like exactly? I am unsure, but I am excited to see my next steps in writing.

So, for baby steps, I'll be working on blogging my thoughts on good books, motivating sermons and podcasts, fun jams, house projects, some yummy recipes, and whatever else I remember to share on this ole blog! Mainly, I am just working on blogging MORE (as is always the case! ;))

Thanks for reading, y'all! Please go visit my friends and support their blogging efforts!


  1. You are just too sweet. Miss you terribly and hope we'll end up stationed together again someday!

  2. Aww thanks so much! That means a lot to me :-) I love reading your blog, too! It's always uplifting and inspirational! I'm excited you'll be blogging even more, and I look forward to everything you'll be posting.